Lack of Baseball, Lack of Relevant Entry

Before I begin, I gotta share that I painted my room with my dad this weekend.  After 23 years of life, I FINALLY have a pink bedroom.  :)  Now I need some shelves to put my autographed pictures, baseballs, and footballs on.  And to put up pictures on my wall.  And move the rest of my stuff back in my room haha!
And I know you all come because I write well, but no pictures in this entry cuz I’m lazy.  Hahaha!
SoxFest 2010
There’s not really anything new to report about SoxFest, but I just wanted to note that it’s in eleven days.  And I’m still excited.
I really want the Sox to release the SoxFest schedule.  It didn’t take me long to plan where I wanted to be at what time in 2008, but I went by myself.  This year I can’t just go where I want because I’m going with Rachel, and I have to take into account who she wants to see too.  So really, I need a schedule ASAP.
White Sox News
As the offseason slowly winds down (and boy is it going slowly), it’s looking like the White Sox won’t be signing anyone.  Oddly enough, I’m OK with that.  Another bat would be nice, but I don’t think it’s necessary.  Since there’s not a lot going on in White Sox Land, there’s not a lot to write about.
However, there’s one thing I’d like to mention.  The Kansas City Royals signed Scott Podsednik to a one-year, $1.75 million contract with an option for 2011.  The article says that the contract includes incentives that could boost the contract to $2 million and $2.3 million on the option.
I love that Scottie signed with a team, but I wonder if Kansas City realizes there are players from the other 28 teams they can sign.  They currently have four players who were on the 2009 White Sox at some point.  They received Chris Getz and Josh Fields in the Mark Teahen trade.  Then they signed Brian Anderson who we sent to the Red Sox for Mark Kotsay, and now they’ve signed Pods.  I mean, I’m biased to the awesomeness that is the White Sox, but this is ridiculous.
Baseball Surveys
Last year in January, I found a survey-type thing about my blog.  So I filled it out.  I decided to do it again this year to see how much my answers have changed.  Here’s the link to the original entry:
MLBlogger: Jen at A Diatribe from a Journalism Student
Signup date: December 10, 2008
1. Why do you blog?
I adore my White Sox.  So I started a blog to write about them.  When I started this blog, I was in law school.  However, that didn’t work out the way I wanted it to.  Now I’m applying to journalism schools, and blogging helps me practice my future career.
2. What was your favorite post?
I’ve posted a lot of entries in the slightly over a year I’ve had my blog, but my favorites are the birthday blog I wrote for AJ in 2008, my one-year blogiversary entry, and the one I wrote yesterday of my top ten Sox moments of the last decade.
3. Strangest blogging experience?
I’ve never had anything strange really.  Just one thing that irritated me that I refuse to mention now.
4. What is your favorite blog, including at least one MLBlog?
I mostly read only MLBlogs.  I love Emily’s, Jeff and Allen’s, Julia’s, Jane’s, Kaybee’s, and Hyunyoung’s.  As for non-MLBlogs, I still love Carl Skanberg’s comics and the Sherpa Patrol.  I got to meet the author of the Sherpa Patrol.  I knew when I first started reading that he was friends with my friends Sandra and David, but I had no idea he’s so freaking awesome.
5. What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?
I should be sleeping.  But if I didn’t blog, I think I’d be kinda bored.
6. Where do you think the blogosphere is going?
I have no idea.  Up?  [That's what I wrote last year.  Still stands.]
7. Favorite team and why?
White Sox.  My mom is a Cubs fan and my dad is a Sox fan, so I could have been either.  But when I was little there was something about the Sox that I loved.  I had a cat when I was little that was all black and had white feet that I named Soxx.  After I graduated high school in San Mateo (in the San Francisco Bay Area), I started college at Loyola in Chicago, so I renewed my love of the Sox at the end of the 2004 season.  Luckily for me, my favorite player that I started to adore in July was signed by the Sox in 2005.  They won the World Series that year, and I haven’t looked back.  [Same answer.  Hasn't changed.  Will never change.]
8. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
Last year I said most people don’t know I’m a good writer.  You all know this now.  This year, I’d say a lot of people don’t know I’m pretty much a cowgirl at heart.  I’m seriously considering moving to Texas when I’m financially stable after grad school.  Depends on any future romantic relationship I’m in and if I can leave my family, friends, and White Sox for Texas.
9. Happiness is…
Something everyone needs, not everyone has, hard to describe, and being a White Sox fan.  :)
I also found a bunch of baseball surveys on my friends’ Facebook notes.  So I figured I should share with my bloggers since not all of you are Facebook friends with me.  Not only are they fun, but you get to learn more about me and my White Sox.  And because I have nothing to write about until either the Sox give John Danks and/or Carlos Quentin a long-term contract or SoxFest.  SoxFest is in 11 days, so we’ll see what happens.
Who is your #1 favorite baseball team?
Chicago White Sox
Who was the manager when you began watching?
Ozzie Guillen when I started watching regularly, Gene Lamont when I started partially paying attention to sports.
Who is your favorite player of all time from the team that is no longer with the team?
Joe Crede and Aaron Rowand. I will always love them. ALWAYS.
Who is your favorite player on your team, only picking one?
AJ Pierzynski. Favorite on the team, favorite ever, favorite until the day I die.
Have you ever met any members of your team?
At SoxFest, spring training games, and regular season games.  :) 
What relief pitcher is your favorite on your team?
Matt Thornton and Bobby Jenks. I love them.
What is the furthest you ever traveled to see your team play?
Los Angeles. My dad took me in September.
Are you happy with your team’s offseason moves so far?
Some of them. I’m not happy DJ Carrasco was non-tendered, and I’m not happy Chris Getz is gone. But the rest of the mo
ves I think I’m OK with. What I REALLY want is a long-term contract for John Danks. I’ll forgive the moves I’m unhappy with if John signs long-term.
Who is your team’s centerfielder?
Alex Rios.  And center fielder is two words.
Who is the first pitcher in your team’s starting rotation?
Talent-wise, I’d probably say Jake Peavy, but I’d think Mark Buehrle starts Opening Day.
Have you ever seen your team on Opening Day before?
No, and you have no idea how badly I want to.
Do you know the name of your team’s mascot?
What is your team’s home run song?
We shoot off fireworks. Sometimes we play “Let’s Go Go-Go White Sox” or “Na Na Hey Hey.”
Do you own any jerseys of your team?
Yes I do. The black alternate for AJ Pierzynski and John Danks.
What team inside your own division would you not mind winning the division if your team can’t?
I guess the Royals or Indians.
Think of the team inside your own division you dislike the most. What member of the team based on skill would you want on your team?
The Twins. OK, this hurts me to say, but if I could have Joe Mauer on the White Sox, I’d be OK with AJ being a backup. Oh my God that hurts me!
Now think about that team again. What player would you just like to see leave baseball altogether?
I don’t think I hate anyone on the Twins that much.
Back to your team, finally! What player on your team would make a great manager one day?
AJ would be an awesome manager. I think Paulie would be a good one too.
What is your least favorite team for your boys to face and why?
The Twins. But that might change because of their new stadium. They had a great advantage in the dome, but they’re moving outside now, so we’ll see.
What team do you enjoy playing the most?
I dunno really. I guess the Giants because they’re my NL team of choice, and we never face them really.
What pitcher makes you the most nervous when he warms up?
Hahahahahahaha Scott Linebrink. I pretty much start crying when I see the number 71 in the bullpen with a ball in his hand.
Do you have his autograph?
Yes I do :)
Do you have his jersey?
Do you have his rookie card?
How many games did you attend this year?
In 2009? Ummmmm…six White Sox, one Cubs, and five Padres
What is your favorite position?
I’m a sucker for catchers and third basemen
Do you remember Harry Carry?
Yes, and it’s Harry Caray.
Do you or did you collect babeball cards?
Babeball? Hahahahahahahahahaha is that baseball with nothing but the highly attractive guys? Hahahahahahaha!  And no, I don’t collect baseball cards.
Beside your home team’s ballpark, what’s your favorite ballpark?
Angels Stadium
Who’s your all time favorite baseball player?
I can never pick a player I never watched. So anyone who stopped playing before 2004 I can’t pick. That said, AJ Pierzynski.
Do you know their middle name (if they have one)?
Is there a very young baseball player that you believe will become a big star in the future? If so, who?
Gordon Beckham
Do you have the MLB Network?
No…stupid AT&T U-verse.
Have you ever caught a foul ball or a homerun ball at a baseball game?
Caught, no. Chased a BP home run ball and pushed a guy who pushed me first, yes.
How many baseball stadiums have you been to?
US Cellular, AT&T, PETCO, Angels, Wrigley, and Oakland Coliseum. Six. Add Coors and Busch this summer. And maybe Progressive.
Do you have anything autographed by a baseball player?
Ha yeah. A lot. Tadahito Iguchi baseball. Scott Linebrink baseball. Jake Peavy baseball. DJ Carrasco and Jeff Marquez baseball. Chris Getz and Brent Lillibridge baseball. Ryan Spilborghs and Dexter Fowler baseball. Chris Getz picture. Gordon Beckham picture. AJ Pierzynski picture. Tim Byrdak, LaTroy Hawkins, and Felipe Paulino baseball ticket. And since SoxFest is in less than two weeks, I’ll have more.
When you hear the word “baseball”, what mainly do you think of?
White Sox, my favorite players, baseball pants, The Socks.
Name a baseball player that just simply does not look like a baseball player. What does he look like instead?
Brent Lillibridge. He looks like a 12-year-old. :)  Or CC Sabathia and Prince Fielder.  They look like cheeseburgers.
Non Cubs fans–Don’t you want to see the Cubs win a WS in the next 5 years? I do.
No. I hate the Cubs.  Jesus hates them too.
What is your most valuable/important baseball possession?
All my autographs. All of them.  
Best seats you have ever had in a baseball game
First baseline in LA, front row. A liiiiiiiittle past the base. Great view of Scottie Pods’s inside-the-park homer. :)
Would you ever go to a Pirates game?
Yeah…I’ve been to two in San Diego.
Do you think your team has a shot at the postseason next year?
You are up against Mariano Rivera and you can choose anyone to pitch hit against him down by 1 with runners on 2nd and 3rd, who do you choose from your team?
It’s pinch hit, and off my bench, I’m taking Kotsay. He came through A LOT when we needed it.
Is baseball your favorite sport (to watch or play)? Or does football or soccer or some other sport take precedent?
Baseball is first. Football is second. Hockey is third.
You see your FAVORITE player in the world at the grocery store- what do you do?
Freak out silently before potentially approaching and trying to have a conversation.


That is a freakin’ long survey to be on Facebook! Yikes! Some typos are such Freudian slips – “babeball” – ha! Hmm, not a bad idea though; no ugly dudes allowed, only sexy guys need apply. ;-)
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Nice. You mean AJ is still tops in your book? Ya don’t say. LOL. Just playin… are you worried at all about his future with the Sox now that they’re tailoring Flowers to be the man behind the mask? Every time I hear his name I think about you and how devastated you might be by AJ’s potential absence from Bridgeport.

Sue – I like the idea of babeball. :) Is it sad or amusing that I have a preliminary lineup in my mind already? Hahaha!
Jeff – I am a little worried about AJ’s future. His contract is up this year, and I’m afraid they won’t re-sign him in 2011. I dunno if Flowers will be ready, but I have a feeling he might. Losing AJ scares the crap out of me. I will cry for a looooooong time.

tell me about it.. waiting just sucks however i have many crazies (ugh check my blog it’s all listed there lol!) to distract me from missing baseball. Which is good because i’d probably go insane! News sure is slow and the offseason is well… the offseason! Can’t wait until the season begins :D

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