Epically Excited

In my last entry, we were still waiting to hear about any kind of contract for John Danks.  On Tuesday, he signed a one-year contract worth $3.45 million.  It wasn’t the long-term contract I was hoping for, but he’s definitely worth what he’s getting this year.  Hopefully he’ll get a long-term contract since he had his finger checked out today.  I’d like to think that’s what was keeping the Sox from giving him the long-term on Tuesday.

But here’s why I’m epically excited.  On Tuesday after the signing was announced, I went to check and see if there was a SoxFest schedule posted.  There wasn’t, but lo and behold, John Danks is now added to the list of players attending.  MY THREE FAVORITE CURRENT PLAYERS ARE GONNA BE THERE!!!  YES!

The schedule was released today, and Rachel and I have planned out our weekend.  We may be dead by the time it’s over, but I know it’ll be well worth it, especially since AJ and John are signing Friday night at the SAME TABLE.  BAM!  Two favorites at one table.  Holler at my luck.  Either that or the Sox are trying to kill me with epic happiness on Day One.  Saturday I get pictures with AJ and John, and Sunday will be Gordon Beckham.  I’ll be able to die happy.  Yay.  And there will be pictures.  Holy crap will there be pictures.  Stay tuned for a blog on Monday.


Have fun at SoxFest! I would love to go, but sadly I am 3800 miles away :( I’m so jealous that you get to meet Gordon Beckham!!

Wow, it sounds like you will have a great time at SoxFest! Make sure you have a big breakfast (it’s the most important meal of the day, you know) with plenty of caffeine to keep up your energy – sounds like you’ll need it. Definitely looking forward to the pictures!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Louise – I definitely will. There will be tons and tons of pictures!
Sue – I’ll most certainly need the caffeine! Hahaha! I’m so excited, yet I still have to wait about 25 hours. TOO LONG! Haha!

Awesome! Pictures rock! I’ll be checkin’ (closet Chisox follower) Don’t die till after u upload the pics!

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