Still an Angel

When I logged in today, the intent for this blog was to be a Sox-Indians series recap.  However, I feel like I need to write about something else.  Something I wrote about exactly a year ago.

On April 9, 2009, Major League Baseball lost a promising young pitcher.  Nick Adenhart was killed in a car accident caused by a young man who was legally drunk.  We’ve all heard the story.  Many of us have seen the pictures of the crash site.  We all know that the Angels dedicated their 2009 season to him.

The Angels have taken down the fan memorial that was up all season.  I left a note there when my dad and I went to Anaheim in September.  His locker is now occupied by reliever Kevin Jepsen.  The Angels no longer hang his jersey in their dugout and have taken his number off their jerseys.  But everyone knows that the Angels still think about their fallen teammate, whether he is prominently displayed around the stadium or not.  Many MLB fans think of him as well, even if they aren’t Angels fans.

For me, Adenhart’s death still reminds me that I won’t live forever.  It reminds me that stupid decisions can kill people.  Nick was only one month younger than me.  He was living his dream, and someone else cut that dream short.  The driver of the car that killed Nick and his friends also cut his own dreams short.  While his trial hasn’t begun yet, he will always have this hanging over him.  Whether a jury finds him guilty or not, he’ll always have to think about this.  He killed three people.  Yes, it was an accident, but it was an accident that could have easily been avoided.

When I started writing this, I knew exactly what I wanted to say.  I thought it would all come pouring out, and the blog would be written in half an hour like usual.  But when I started writing the second paragraph, I couldn’t stop crying.  One year later, and I still break down over a person I had never met.  One year later, he’s still that Angel heaven is lucky to have.


Forever an Angel… RIP #34. His death has taught many people to take life one day at a time and live it to the fullest. Nice tribute.

Adenhart’s death was a true tragedy. I ache for the people who watched him grow up and followed his development into a major league pitcher. It is a sobering reminder that it is NEVER worth it to drive after you have been drinking. To see a kid who was on the precipice of realizing his dreams (dreams that so many kids have but never fulfill) made his death just tragic. It happens every day and it shouldn’t. Adenhart’s passing is no more sad or tragic than any other young person who loses their life before it really begins–it just resonates because he was right.there. Nick will always be a reminder to me of all of the accidents that are caused by recklessness and stupidity.
God bless him and his family (his Angels family, as well) who no doubt think about him every single day.

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