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I’ve pretty much neglected this poor blog for the past month.  Yet somehow I’m still number 36 on the Latest Leaders.  So thank you whoever comes here and sees nothing new.  I love you.  :)  Also, this is my 200th entry.  Figures it’s about my favorite player ever.  :)

Since I last wrote, there have been lots of baseball games.  Go figure!  The Sox aren’t looking terribly lovely, as they have a 16-22 record (as of Wednesday afternoon) and are sitting at third in the AL Central behind Minnesota (24-15) and Detroit (22-17).  Most of the guys aren’t hitting, and the starting pitching looked atrocious for the most part.  The Sox need to turn things around and quickly, especially due to the rumor I’ve been hearing that makes my heart break.

The Rangers (and apparently two other teams) have inquired about AJ Pierzynski.

aj.jpgFor those of you who are new to my blog, I love AJ.  A lot.  As evidenced by my URL, my picture, my Twitter handle, the direct link to my Facebook profile, etc. etc. etc.  I was probably the only person in San Francisco who LOVED him in 2004.  He’s the reason I started watching baseball regularly and why I am absolutely in love with the sport.  Then he came to my White Sox, my favorite team, and my love was absolutely solidified.

Now AJ hasn’t been hitting terribly well this season.  Most of the Sox haven’t been hitting terribly well this season, but the rest of them aren’t, that I’m aware of, being checked out by three teams.  Since none of my boys are hitting and they’re certainly not winning, there is a possibility that AJ could leave the South Side.


Depending on what the Sox would get for him, it might be good for the team.  I don’t know.  But it makes me physically ill to admit that.  If the Sox don’t re-sign him after the season, I’ll cry, but I’ll survive.  But trading him is somehow different for me.  It’s like they’d be saying, “We’re comfortable with the catchers we have.  Now GTFO.”  Are we REALLY comfortable with Ramon Castro and Tyler Flowers/Donny Lucy as our two catchers?  The Rangers are looking at AJ because they don’t have very good options at catcher, so would Kenny Williams REALLY be stupid enough to get a catcher from them?  No.

aj danks ( have a feeling that losing AJ would be ridiculously detrimental to our pitching staff.  Gavin Floyd isn’t looking very good this season, and having Castro and Flowers/Lucy probably wouldn’t help.  Mark Buehrle is struggling horribly.  Jake Peavy is out of his funk, and I don’t think Castro and a rookie catcher would be beneficial.  Freddy Garcia has been pretty effective as a fifth starter.  And then there’s John Danks.  He’s been the best starter we have this season, and I REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY don’t wanna mess him up.

I know I’m just a fan, and I know I really don’t know how to run a team, but I don’t want AJ to go.  Not just because he’s my favorite and I’d have a meltdown of epic proportions.  But that’s the main reason, to be completely honest.  I’d love it if he was re-signed at the end of the season, but I know that may not be a possibility.  I have all season to prepare myself for that, but if you trade him, I’ll be a gigantic hot mess.

At least give me the season, Kenny.  Please.

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A gigantic hot mess, hmm? That just doesn’t sound too good. I see the Flyers will be facing off against your Blackhawks come Saturday. I hope to not hear too much of that Amstel song. :-)
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